Kwan Um Zen

Zenová škola Kwan Um


Zen meditation brings many profound benefits like clarity, joy and peace of mind to our daily lives. 

“Why do I suffer?” “How can I be happy?” “Where did I come from?” 
“What is my life all about?” “Who am I?”

Most of us ask these questions of ourselves at some point in our lives. For some of us, these questions spur us to search for a way to understand ourselves and find an answer. 

Through Zen practice, you can develop greater clarity, wisdom and compassion, lead a life filled with joy and peace through helping yourself and others.

Everybody is wellcome to participate in our regular practice or in meditation retreats.

Kido in Lotus-170

News » Kido in Lotus

There will be Kido every first Thursday in month (4.4., 2.5., 6.6.) during evening practice at 18:15 in Lotus. Kido is chanting Kwanseum Bosal while using percision instrument.
Kwan Seoum Bosal means "The one who perceive the sound of the world". This practice help to get clear and compassionate mind.

You are welcome to take a part in it. If possible please bring some percusion: drum, woden stick, rattle, triangel, tamburine etc.

Address: Buddhist centre Lotus, Dlouhá 2 (4the floor), Prague1

Zen day in Shambhala-141

Events » Zen day in Shambhala

Prague, centre Shambhala, 20.1.2019

There will be consulting interwiev with bodhisattva teacher Jakub Koldovský.